Behind The Label—Exploring the Quality Standards of USA-Made Supplement Manufacturers

It’s impressive how the sale of dietary and herbal supplements has increased over the years. However, as a consumer, you need to be keen on what you consume to ensure you are getting your money’s worth. It begs the question, how do you tell you are using high-quality products from a USA-made nutritional supplement manufacturer?

Check for Fraud

The FDA database is the first place to start when you think that a product may be fake, or you want to know if the manufacturer has committed health fraud. There are many regulatory bodies in place to check for such cases, so if you find a flagged product on the FDA database, it is best to avoid it.

From the Label

Luckily, the FDA rules also apply to the product labels. A USA-made nutritional supplement manufacturer must meet certain requirements, so you can check for quality standards through the label, ensuring that the product name is clearly indicated as a nutritional supplement. The product’s name and where the manufacturer is located should also be listed, and there must be a panel for “supplement facts.” This highlights the names of the ingredients, how much is contained in the product, the recommended serving size, and how many servings are in the container. Lastly, check for the manufacturer’s number and address, which is vital in case the user wants to report any incidents.

Third-Party Certification

A bold move by manufacturers is when they seek third-party testers for their products. It shows how much faith they have in their supplements that they can have outside parties evaluate their quality.

Contact a Certified Seller

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Q1. How can I check if a product has been flagged by the FDA for safety concerns?

A. To check if a product has been flagged by the FDA for safety concerns, you can visit the FDA’s official website and use their search tool to look up specific products. The FDA’s database provides information on recalls, safety alerts, and other regulatory actions.

Q2. What types of nutritional supplements do you offer?

A. We offer a wide variety of nutritional supplements designed to meet various health needs, including immune support, energy enhancement, weight loss, and more. All our products are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards in the USA.

Q3. Why should I choose USA-Made Supplements as my supplier?

A. Choosing USA Made Supplements as your supplier ensures you receive high-quality, safety-verified products manufactured in the USA. Our commitment to excellence supports American jobs and provides you with reliable and effective nutritional solutions.